The team at Makna Creative (Keenan Pearce, Ernanda Putra, Jordy Yohannes, and Timothy Hendrawan) collaborated with 16DenimScale to produce quality daily-wear aimed at the digitally conscious individuals who understands that comfort plays an important role: if people are out wearing comfortable attire, their day is already off to a good start.


Sometimes living in the urban jungle is as simple as black and white. Designed for basic everyday wear the 16-pieces collection emphasizes elements of functionality, comfort, and effortlessness by presenting a clean monochromatic feel with black, white and grey. Incorporating ideas from the team’s core identity; Intense, Hustle, Tight, and Solid, the unisex pieces consist of t-shirts, scarf, bomber jacket, parka, headwear, totebag, as well as premium denim

just to name a few.


The collection focused mostly on lightweight cotton and denim, enabling its wearer to be comfortable as they mind about their business.

Paying attention to details in their stitching, fabrics, buttons and zippers.

Clean, simple and basic – allowing each individual to adapt these designs into their own style.


“We wanted to explore and challenge ourselves to the fashion industry by showing our philosophy, spirit, also identity and translating that into a product of fashion.” Stated the team at Makna Creative.


Makna also work alongside a great creative team that consists of photographer Chris Bunjamin, director Gianni Fajri, director of photography Takun Arrosid, and Marshella Jastine as art director to shoot Urban Hustler’s lookbook and mini film – surely in black and white.